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Class of 2017

The Hyderabad Academy of Psychology (HAP) has been founded by Dr Diana Monteiro as a training academy and counseling center to bridge the gap between formal psychological education and practical application of psychology in everyday life. We are currently involved in Counselor training, Corporate training, Counseling and Outreach services and Continuing Education of professionals in the field.

The HAP is the first of its kind in the twin cities to offer Counselor training to individuals to ensure that adequate preparation in practical skills, theoretical knowledge and supervision is provided to those who are engaged in the process of helping others. The HAP also offers a wide array of seminars and workshops, throughout the year. We at HAP believe in Continuing Education of specialists and we train students in basic and advanced skills in counseling psychology. We also provide short term workshops and trainings for the professional development of psychologists and counselors.

We believe in action oriented change, and therefore are constantly widening our network of friends and support in the local and national psychology community. In addition, our plans include seeking collaboration with international universities and national organizations, so that students can benefit and grow within the field. Our students can claim the benefits of these networks through better opportunities for higher education and career placements. It is our hope that together we can take the field of psychology to new heights.

We also offer Counseling in various formats (individual, group, couples, child and career) to those in need. We ensure that the highest quality of care is provided to our clients and we follow the current standards of practice maintained the professional practice of psychology. Our Outreach services include educating the public about mental health by offering short seminars and workshops of positive mental health and well-being. We also offer suicide prevention trainings to the community and spread awareness about the warning signs and symptoms of suicide.

Our Corporate training services include trainings to help increase productivity, enhance organizational health, boost morale, attract & retain employees, promote workforce cooperation and help employees effectively manage their work and personal life. We offer consultation and assessment services to each corporate client to provide them with a distinctive training package that meets their unique needs.

Counseling and Training Team

Dr Diana Monteiro, Director

Dr. Diana Monteiro obtained her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi, USA and worked as a licensed psychologist (in Tennessee, USA) before returning to India in 2008. Her ardour for providing psychological services made her initiate The Hyderabad Academy of Psychology in Vikrampuri, Secunderabad in 2009. At HAP, Dr. Monteiro and her team of hand-picked counselors practice counseling, conduct courses and workshops, and supervise other counselors-in-training. Dr. Monteiro was also the  counseling psychologist at NALSAR University of Law from September 2013 till December 2017.
Dr. Monteiro comes across as someone who’s intelligent, accomplished and warm, a top-notch trainer and counselor, and fun to be around. She inspires her trainees with her undying passion for Counseling Psychology.

Dr. Monteiro is often invited both locally and internationally to conduct out-reach programs. Her seminars and workshops have covered a variety of topics, which when presented in her gregarious style (so well known in the twin-cities) are often said to be inspiring. Her specialty areas include working with adolescents and adults, suicide prevention, relationship concerns, communication and multicultural issues. She is adept at treating mental health issues from a positive psychology framework and uses strength-based approaches in counseling. Her philosophy of training is based on integrity, ethics and working hard and playing hard to ensure good all round development.

Dr. Monteiro is a member of the prestigious American Psychological Association and is a licensed psychologist and health service provider in Tennessee, USA. She continues to keep her US license active to ensure she stays up-to-date with current psychological science and practice.

Dr. Monteiro's Team includes:

Rekha B. Lagu

Rekha B. Lagu has completed her B.Ed. and have 26 years of teaching experience. She has her Master’s in Psychology from Madras University. She is experienced in working with adolescents and parents. She has completed the Basic and Advanced Counseling courses at HAP. Rekha is a clinician, supervisor and faculty at HAP. Rekha is a warm, friendly and caring person whose young heart and constant positivity makes everyone around her feel good. She is a multi-tasker who has too often be told to slow things down for herself and she manages her home, family, work and extra activities with great poise and confidence.

Aarti Saxena

Aarti Saxena is a prosthodontist by training and has over 18 years of experience in patient care. As a result of life changes she retrained as a counselor and completed the Basic course in Counseling at HAP. She was her batch topper in the Basic Course and had excellent skills and knowledge in the field of Psychology. Her innate helping nature, mixed with her easy and comfortable demeanor make her an asset to have at HAP. She is completing her Masters degree in Psychology currently and manages our Hitech city location as the onsite counselor there. She enjoys reading, painting and spending time with her daughter and husband managing her home in addition to multiple other responsbilities.

Baijesh A. R.

Baijesh is a licensed clinical psychologist, wellness expert and researcher based at Hyderabad. As a consultant clinical psychologist he has a regular clinical practice where clients with various psychological- interpersonal problems seek psychological assessments and psychotherapy. He is a Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) practitioner, accredited trainer by Association for Solution Focused Practices- India (ASFP-I) and member of European Brief Therapy Association (EBTA). He is also a practitioner and guide in Mindfulness Based Practices, he has extensive clinical and research experience in professionally using mindfulness for better living. Baijesh has previously worked with the Central University of Karnataka in capacity of Assistant Professor in Psychology. Presently he is a consultant clinical psychologist at Chetana Hospital- Hyderabad and  the Hyderabad Academy of Psychology. He is a resource person for different universities, academic institutions and consultant to different organizations. Apart from clinical practice, he is also involved in teaching, training, conducting workshops, independent research and supervision. He has published scientific articles and has also contributed as an author of chapters in few edited books. 

Malathi Raj

Malathi Raj has a Masters in Psychology from Madras University. She did a Basic course in Counseling before joining HAP for the Advanced counseling course. Human behaviour and psychology always fascinated her, and that’s what motivated her to go back to continue formal education 26 years after stopping. Another reason to look for a career at an age when others think of taking a voluntary retirement was to not fall prey to the Empty Nest Syndrome. She is young at heart and has an empathic and warm soul. She works as a volunteer in an NGO called Roshni and as a counselor in HAP. She enjoys her work immensely and is very passionate about it. She is an active member in the Rotary Club of Secunderabad Cantonment, and has a large group of friends. She believes that we learn as long as we are alive and we can learn from anybody at any time as long as we have an open mind.

Lorraine Bellard

Lorraine has a Masters degree in Industrial Psychology from Annamali University, has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St.Francis College and has completed the basic course in counseling from Hyderabad Academy of Psychology. She has a deep yearning to be there for others, her warm personality makes it easy for people to share and confide in her. She is passionate about learning and understanding human behavior and believes that every person deserves a chance to be understood. She is on a constant endeavor to upgrade her skills with the latest courses that are available in the field of counseling. She was working as a counselor, supervisor and faculty at HAP. As of January 2017 she is guest faculty at HAP as a result of moving away out of Hyderabad.

Other Consultants HAP uses a variety of other consultants as needed based on the speciality area required. We have a large network of Psychiatrists and allied mental health specialists in the city and rest of India.

Our Student Testimonials

I noticed that you tried your best to maintain a high level of quality through out the course and I just loved that! Almost every class was filled with insights in some area or the other. Sometimes it was insights about counseling, and some times it was insight about psychology and many times insight about self. I noticed one special thing about your classes that nobody wanted your classes to end! We loved to still sit around and listen from you, no one felt like you had to stop that we had to rush home.
One of the precious thing that I learnt from this training is that, counseling needs to be deep, and with applying the right skills on the right time, we can actually go deeper and deeper in helping some one. Before this training I used to stuck with the shallow kind of counseling and did not realize the power of going deeper in counseling and helping the client, but now I realize that I can in fact help the clients much better if I carefully use the skills that learnt and go deeper in understanding and help the client to lead a whole life.
Another highlight is about the supervision. It was tough thing to identify and accept the area that I needed to improve, however I am so grateful to you for the supervision, that really opened my eyes to see and realize that I need to go a long way and need to work really hard.. very hard if I need to stay in this field of counseling.

Saji K Mathai, Batch 8,  2014

I enjoyed the interactive classes, and particularly enjoyed the interesting and thought provoking anecdotes that Diana shared with the class. I will admit that initially I was somewhat apprehensive as I did not have a background in Psychology; however, Diana was brilliant, her enthusiasm and positive attitude really rubs off on you. I also enjoyed interacting with the classmates of different age groups and we became good friends over the course of the semester. I especially enjoyed the delicious samosas and bajjis which were served for Tea and also our classmates bringing cupcakes and brownies. I look forward to being associated with HAP and also doing the Advanced Course in Counselling from HAP

Kumudini V, Batch 7, 2013

Wonderful course and a must for anybody who wishes to see a change in himself/herself and help others through counselling. The course is structured very well with equal balance to theory and supervision. Learned a lot and Dr. Diana's in depth subject knowledge and energy is highly infectious. Keep up the good work... All the Best!!

Praful Sahgal, Batch 7, 2013

The Basic Course that I attended at the HAP ( Batch IV) from June to Dec 2011 was a truly rewarding experience. Dr Diana Monteiro's approach cast a spell on me, as on all other students, and we found ourselves fully “involved” in what we were discussing in the class. The course content was carefully thought-out and well-integrated. There were tests from time to time that kept me on my toes and were helpful as feedback. The supervision sessions helped me translate classroom learning to its application; good intent to effectiveness.

“Diana” has a unique style of teaching that makes her session sometimes feel like a revelation. Even students who had completed their Masters in Psychology found their understanding becoming very clear in these classes. The special quality of her classes convinced me that for anyone in this big city of Hyderabad intent on a career in psychological counselling, this course is simply not to be missed. Equally strongly, I recommend the course to all graduates with even a layman's curiosity and interest in psychology. I wonder who cannot benefit from such a wonderful course at some point or the other in their career. The “examined life” a person can lead after such an exposure is bound to make it an enhanced one.

Ramesh Krishnamurthy, Batch 4, 2011

New learnings, vibrant atmosphere, passionate work , great camaraderie but above all superb teaching by Diana - felt like a college girl once again at 50+ at HAP !! Looking forward to the next advanced course ! "

Sheela Ramakrishnan, Batch 6, 2013

I have completed the basic course in counseling from HAP and am currently pursuing the advanced course.What differentiates this course from others being offered in the same field is Dr Dianas brilliant teaching,stimulating classroom discussions and hands on experience of counseling clients under  Dianas able supervision .

Jaishree Narayan, Batch 6, 2013

The HAP is one of the blissful experiences of my life. It brought about a lot of awareness in me with regard to myself, my behavior in relation to others and Psychology. Diana's classes have been experiences to cherish. It also helped me see and experience so many lovely relationships with my teacher, batchmates and seniors. It has also been remedial to me in many ways. It has initiated sensitization in me to many things about thoughts, feelings and behavior. And I hope I make productive use of the inputs gathered by me so that I develop more as a human being. It is also my deep desire to pursue Psychology further in a full-fledged manner and practice counselling. 

Sandhya Ramchandani Kaura, Batch 3, 2010

Students comments on Basic and Advanced Course Evaluations

"The Helping skills that were taught to help us to deal with clients was very good. so enjoyed this course. The counseling and training was just awesome"

"Attending classes was very important and most valuable to understand and gain more knowledge. However, the amount of knowledge that I have gained from this course is incredible."

"The practical experience provided was most valuable. I learned a lot in the course and I liked it a lot. Before joining this course I did not have much language in psychology but now I can proudly say I know something. Thank you so much."

"The role plays taught me a lot and the skills, theory and most important of all the supervision was very valuable. The suicide assessment was very interesting and an eye opener. I have learnt a lot during my practical training, but I am not confident about learning the theory part. However, after this course I have become more confident and feel I am able to understand and help people better."

"Supervision was extremely helpful and valuable."
Batch 4 & 5 Graduation
Batch 6 (2012)
Counseling Role-play (2012)