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The HAP is the first Academy of its kind in the twin cities to offer training in psychological counseling in order to bridge the gap between formal psychological education and practical application of psychology in everyday life. We are engaged in a wide array of training activities for beginning and advanced counselors and helpers, as well as for those seeking to improve their helping skills. Our trainings include:

   Integrated Course in Basic Skills in Psychological Counseling and School Counseling: A Counselor Training Course (6 months duration):

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This is an intensive basic level course specifically aimed at training psychological counselors for basic counseling and school counseling. The course is intensive and involves in-depth training, thus allowing students who complete the course the ability to practice counseling preferably under supervision. Most of our students, understand that counselor training is a process and thus choose to seek clinical supervision even after completion to ensure their continued growth and development as counselors.

Next Start date: June 9th 2018

Course Fee: Rs 50,000/-

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Who should join

These courses is open to all graduates. It is designed for anyone choosing to becoming a psychological counselor and seeking professional training for the same. Individuals who join could be (1) those who have little or no professional experience but wish to extend their knowledge of interpersonal and counseling skills and (2) counselors, healthcare professionals, teachers, social workers, managers, home-makers, human resource personnel and all others who wish to increase their interpersonal and counseling skills and apply them within their professional practice and/or be school-counselors.


About fees: PLEASE NOTE: We have a strict no refund policy so fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances

About our courses

All of our training is achieved through role-plays, experiential learning, lectures and demonstrations, and other learning techniques. A hallmark of HAP training is the energy of its teachers and students and the dynamic nature of the classes.

Another important component of our course is the camaraderie and close friendships that develop among our students and staff. We genuinely enjoy each otherís company and choose our students carefully to ensure that our positive energy and enthusiasm continues with each batch.

Quality Maintenance

There will be a limited number of students admitted in our course which ensures the highest possible quality of teaching and training. It encourages the emergence of healthy group dynamics as well as sufficient time for individual students to contribute to the course. Our trainers will provide the necessary support to all students to fulfill their aim, matching the students learning and training efforts.

We are often told by students who have trained with others that our course is very different than other courses of this kind. We have since learned that we are the only training academy that offers the blend of theory and practical skills, in addition to world-class practical training within the twin cities. Our students often choose to continue to work with us after course completion, speaking to our ability to teach and guide as well as form lasting relationships with people we train.

Expectation of students

Students who join the HAP are expected to adhere to the highest professional standards of practice. This includes but is not limited to, regular class attendance, punctuality, completion of assigned class work and assignments, excellent record keeping, and respect for everyone that they work with. Students may expect the same level of professionalism from their faculty and staff at the HAP.

We believe in open communication and in being genuine and model that for our students. Feedback is a two way process and our open door policy allows students to opportunity to discuss anything with us with the knowledge that we will be open to learning and growing together.

Accreditation or certification for counseling courses

The accreditation or certification for counseling courses is currently not offered by any accrediting or certifying body in India. The Hyderabad Academy of Psychology maintains responsibility for the above course and its content under the guidance of Dr. Diana Monteiro, Licensed Psychologist and Health Service Provider (Tennessee, USA, License no. 2665).

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